Sur-Ron Servicing

Something wrong with your bike?

We have a fully equipped garage where we carry servicing and repairs for the Sur-Ron Electric Bikes. 

To book in a Repair or Service, please contact us.

Our service and repairs always include a full clean of your bike so that you can make it all muddy again!

Sur-Ron South Servicing.

Taking care of your Sur-Ron is essential to maintain your warranty.
We can help you with all your maintenance needs. Sur-Ron Bikes have the following service schedules:

First Service - £50

Carried out once the E-Dirt Bike has travelled 185 miles (300KM) or after 3 months, the first service is crucial to ensuring that you get the most out of your Sur-ron for the maximum length of time.

The Sur-ron E-Dirt Bike's first service includes a complete check over all components with inspections being carried out to find any anomalies on the E-Dirt Bike.

Once these have been completed the Sur-ron E-Dirt Bike will be fully lubricated and torque settings set as per workshop manual specification.

Full Service - £100

Required every 1000 KM or 621 miles or minimum yearly after the first service.

A full service include a complete check over all components on the E-Dirt Bike inspecting for any excessive wear or damage that may compromise the operations of the machine.

This level of service also includes a check of the wheel spokes and a complete diagnostic check of the internal electrical components.

After all the components of the Sur-ron E-Dirt Bike have been inspected it will receive full lubrication and torque settings set as specified in the workshop manual.workshop manual specification.

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